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09 May 2011 @ 09:22 pm
Round 142 - Voting  
Hopefully we are starting to swing back into things here as we had a awesome turn out of 20 icons this week. We have some seriously lovely icons for you to check out and vote on.

As usual, when voting:
- Type your top three choices into the text box, separated by commas. Remember to put them in the order you like them.
- Please don't vote in a comment, and don't vote for your own icons!
- Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second choice will get 2 points and your third choice will get 1 point.

Example: 15 = 3 points, 07 = 2 points, 31 = 1 point


Poll #1739827 Round 142
This poll is closed.

Pick THREE for Best Icon

Pick ONE for Best Color

Pick ONE for Best Crop

Pick ONE for Most Vibrant

Good Luck!